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It’s not a blog, or a vlog, or even a chronicling of places where we go – but instead think of it as a video guidebook. One of the challenges we’ve found with outdoor exploration is that sometimes something as simple as showing up to a trailhead and walking can turn into an unexpected, and sometimes even harrowing, experience. Our goal was to make something that emulated the experience of having a knowledgable friend show you the way. Somebody who’s been there before and knows a thing or two about what you can expect to see and what you definitely want to bring.

Hiking and outdoor recreation needs a facelift when it comes to how we present information to folks who’re just getting started. Other hobbies and skills, like cooking or learning how to play an instrument have evolved with the mediums that have been available to us. The cook book evolved into watching Julia Child or Martha Stewart on network television and then again into 60 second How-To, fast sequenced videos on social media that can bring you from novice to pro if you sit down and put in the effort.

It’s all very accessible. Whereas hiking is stuck in the cookbook phase of its development. This is our attempt to make the presentation more modern and accessible. It’s not a travel show. It’s a one-stop destination to get you the information you need to feel safe and take off toward new adventures. We care about the outdoors and want to make sure to do what we can to promote access to them – and that starts with getting people interested and involved. Whether you’re a first time hiker, or a seasoned pro – we’re hopeful that our format is engaging and inspiring.

Wild Explored photoWhile right now the show’s main contributor put the filming of new episodes on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be back when that’s over with new content. While at first we’re aiming to create guides for major destinations in the western parts of the United States – we hope that will be the beginning.

Once the pandemic is over, our main contributor Cale Green plans to be on the road again filming in select cities for a few weeks at a time. Filming hikes or pack rafting trips, biking trails or scenic destinations – he’ll do it all from the Wild Explored RV.

Yeah, we’ve got an RV. This beauty was hand painted in Alaska by an incredible local artist Sarah Glaser. You can find more information on her here – https://sarahkglaser.be/ and we highly recommend it. Her work is fantastic.

Similar to the RV, this website and content is only possible through the combined efforts of the founders and co-conspirators of Wild Explored – Ryan Stassel, Paxson Woelber, and Cale Green. While we hope one day to be able to do this full-time, the reality is that all of this is a production And productions cost money and time. Usually the goal of a production is to make money, but in this case and at this time – it’s an endeavor of love.

You can find more information about any one of us below.

Thanks for watching and let us know if there’s anything that you want to see covered.

Oh, and if you’re somebody with an organization that’s interested in sponsoring episodes or content – feel free to reach out anytime!

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