Eagle and Symphony Lakes Hike

The Eagle and Symphony Lake Trail is a 10 mile round trip hike that starts at the South Fork Eagle River Trailhead, brings you deep into the wide South Fork Eagle River Valley, and ends with spectacular views of two of Alaska’s most accessible alpine glacial lakes. 

This easy to moderate trek also offers hikers plenty of options to connect with other routes and explore many more parts of the Chugach.

From the parking lot, you’ll zig-zag uphill on a wide, road-like trail through thicker woods, which brings you up to a bench along the side of the mountain. 

After switchbacking onto the mountainside you’ll reach a side trail leading to Hunter Pass.  Which is a popular destination for berry pickers in the fall.

The trail follows the side of the valley for a little over a mile and then drops down a well-built bridge over South Fork Eagle River.

From here the trail becomes a little wilder. It’s rocky and sometimes muddy, so you might want footwear that can handle rougher terrain, especially if it’s been raining. 

The walk along the valley floor provides excellent views of Cantata and Triangle peaks. This part of the trail has little elevation gain and will feel pretty flat even though you’ll still be climbing. Eventually the tundra ends and you’ll cross a small bridge onto a large glacial moraine of jumbled boulders.

There are many routes through the boulder field, and a seemingly endless number of cairns. Don’t worry about losing the trail–there really isn’t one. Just make sure to keep your footing secure and don’t be too quick to get across. If you have bad ankles or timid dogs, don’t be afraid to call it a day here. 

For those who do decide to trek on, you’ll be rewarded with views of Eagle Lake and Eagle Peak to your left.

Once you’ve made it here it’s a short walk to a dilapidated but scenic abandoned homestead structure. Not great for shelter, but a nice place to stop, having lunch, and enjoy the view of these two beautiful lakes before you start your walk back. 

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