Wolverine Peak

Wolverine Peak is an easy to moderate 10 mile roundtrip hike that’ll bring you up 3,200 ft from the trailhead   without having to touch a hand onto the ground, which is rare for peaks in the Chugach that are above 4,000 ft.  

The hike will start at either one of these two trailheads

In this video, we’re starting at Basher. 

The trek in from Basher starts immediately onto Powerline Pass and this will be the first time of many you’ll take a second to appreciate the view of Denali, Mt. Susitna, and Anchorage behind you. 

Cut in from here to a mile long stretch of lush green as you walk along the Campbell Creek Canyon and get your first glimpse of Wolverine in the distance. 

On nice days, the trail can still have muddy spots so make sure to wear appropriate hiking shoes.  

Generally, the path is straight forward – both figuratively and literally, if you’re given choices, the straight path is likely right. 

From here the ascent begins. At times, it’ll feel pretty tedious.

Eventually you’ll come to this oversized cairn – which is a great spot to take a break, get some photos, or turn around if you’re tired. 

But you’re more than half way there so probably best to press on

The final push to the summit is little more than ridge line walk, but it’s one that gives you fantastic views of the front range.

After you’ve made it over a series of false summits, you’ll find yourself at the top.

Enjoy all the views here and take your time before you go down. 

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